What is it?

Control:mapper is a utility which enables you to use your Microsoft Kinect with almost any existing Windows application.

How does it work?

Control:mapper monitors the movement of your body for predefined actions, then converts them to your specified keyboard and mouse commands.

Watch this video for an example of using control:mapper with Guild Wars 2:

To use it, simply tell control:mapper what command to execute when the following events occur:

Shoulder Tracking
– Twist your upper body to the left or right

Feet/Leg Tracking
– Step forward or back
– Sidestep left or right
– Knee-bend soft jumping

Head Tracking
– Leaning left and right
– Tilting forward and back

Virtual Triggers
– Touch or kick invisible boxes surrounding your body

Mouse Control
– Virtual “classic” mouse mode for UI navigation

How flexible is it?

Control:mapper can be mapped to:

– one or more keystrokes
– mouse directional movement
– mouse buttons
– a mixture of the above

How about multiple apps?

Control:mapper has a template system which enables you to create individual configurations for each of your applications. The next version of control:mapper will include template sharing through our website.

Is it hard to use?

Control:mapper offers a wide array of fine tuning controls to build an experience that suits your personal needs. A well made template makes motion control of your favourite apps easy, BUT it does take time to adjust the settings to their optimum. Fortunately, you do visual testing with the on-screen skeleton while your desired application is running!

The Microsoft Kinect requires at least 6 feet of distance between you and your monitor. Accuracy is also affected by the type of lighting for the area. Read more about your sensor for full details.