Vancouver, BC – November 6th, 2012 – Reality Controls today introduced its newest application, control:mapper, a revolutionary new tool that makes it possible for people to use all of their favourite Windows software with the Microsoft Kinect motion control sensor.

“We designed control:mapper with the physically challenged community in mind. This software makes it possible for any individual to create a unique human interface that meets their individual needs,” said Sean Sibbet, CEO of Reality Controls Inc. 

Control:mapper empowers users with the ability to remap any keyboard and mouse combination to head, body, arms and leg movements. The advanced, adaptive gesture recognition system uses virtual targets in the space around the users body to offer a natural and intuitive experience with their computer. This technology allows control:mapper to adjust to each user’s unique range of motion, making gesture control feel natural for your personal needs.

Control:mapper works with almost any Microsoft Windows application, including business, Internet and gaming software. Use control:mapper to create charts in Excel, adventure the world of Guild Wars 2 and surf the Internet on any Web browser. Create, load and save personalized templates for any application used.

Control:mapper is available for purchase today at for $39.95 (US dollars). This includes the software and a one-year subscription for updates, support and access to the community template database. The software requires a Microsoft Kinect and any version of Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, running on personal computer with a minimum of 4GB RAM and a free USB 2.0 port. 

Control:mapper uses unique algorithms for skeletal correction and dynamically adjusts its configuration to suit whether you are sitting or standing, specifically tailored to assist those with motor impairments and other physical disabilities.

Visit today to learn more about this revolutionary accessibility software!

Reality Controls Inc. is a Vancouver software developer specializing in natural human interface (HI) software based upon leading edge consumer hardware like the Microsoft Kinect.

Marco Pasqua The Able Gamers Foundation
“With Reality Controls ground breaking control:mapper tool, the possibilities are endless. For the first time, I can interact with any number of programs using simple gestures that feel comfortable to me. Individuals with motor impairments will love this technology because they won’t be restricted by traditional mouse and keyboard bindings, instead, they can create macros and templates that cater to their unique abilities”. –Marco Pasqua, Motivational Speaker and Staff Writer at AbleGamers